I love learning something new, and I also love teaching and helping others understand what I have learned through my experiences.

Training & Project Kick-Start

If you are looking for a resource to bring custom in house training to your developers I can do full day or week long group workshops that help your team get up to speed on .NET and C#, WPF, Mobile development, or ASP.NET. I don’t just talk about development though, with years of experience handling operations for small development teams I bring my experience with DevOps to your team and can get them up to speed on the tools at their disposal, such as PowerShell, Octopus Deploy, TFS, and Visual Studio Team Services.

Maybe you need more than just hands-on training and are looking for a way to kick-start your project. Bring my team in for a week or more to help you get your project up and running. We’ll help you get your entire project off the ground and make sure your dev team has all the tools and knowledge in place to succeed. When we leave you’ll not only have a solid software architecture and direction that your software team understands, you’ll also have an operational continuous integration and automated deployment solution ready to take you all the way to production.

For more information on Training or Project Kick-Start opportunities contact Alien Arc Technologies.