Creating Reusable Packages for Mobile Development with Xamarin and NuGet

Living in the Xamarin mobile development trenches? Then you have probably created or at least thought about a few cross-platform aids. Sharing that platform agnostic code with new projects is easy, but things can get tricky with platform-specific implementations, right? Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage and maintain that functionality in reusable packages? We’ll explore how to structure your projects and configure a single NuGet package to install shared and platform libraries. Along the way, we will explore some common issues with building, packaging, and sharing libraries for Xamarin projects.

Learning Objectives

  • The ability to structure projects for cross-platform NuGet packages
  • Understanding how to ease local build, deployment, and testing for library development
  • Knowing the tools available for automating the building and publishing of packages

Level: Intermediate