Hands Free Mobile UI Testing

Testing your mobile app against the sea of mobile devices can be daunting, and even limiting to testing with recent popular devices can be cumbersome and expensive. Not to mention the wear and tear on your thumbs with all that tapping and swiping! Wouldn’t it be great if you could apply your well-honed app logic unit testing skills and practices to your UI testing? I’ve got great news, you can! We’ll explore how you can create coded UI tests with C# and Xamarin UITest to automate all that tapping and swiping in your existing mobile apps, and how to plan for it moving forward. Give your thumbs a break and start coding your UI tests today! Remember: happy thumbs make happy devs!

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how to begin using Xamarin UITest and explore your app with the REPL
  • Ability to to plan for and create testable UIs with Xamarin.Forms and the Page Object Pattern
  • Understanding how to execute UI tests in the emulator, on hardware, and in the cloud

Level: Introduction and Overview