About Duane

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I am a technology enthusiast with a passion for good software. I’ve been programming professionally since the mid ‘90s and have worked on software solutions in many industries including warehousing, real estate, insurance, and law enforcement.

Like many software developers my interest in programming began as a kid playing video games on my C-64 and the families first “IBM-Compatible” computer. On the PC I learned the ins and outs of system configuration to get the latest revolutionary games (like Doom and DN3D) to run. I wanted to write games like the ones I loved to play and thought when I grew up I would go work for Origin creating worlds like the Ultima series I spent untold hours playing. However, instead of the entertainment world of game development I went into the practical world of business software.

I enjoy being a programmer and the challenge of not just creating useful software, but also designing solutions. Programming has always come rather naturally to me and I enjoy the ever improving technology that I have to work with and learning better ways to write more effective code.

While I spend my fair share in front of the computer there’s more to life than programming and video games and I have many other interests including Camping, Hiking, and Photography.

My wife, Lisa, and I enjoy being in the outdoors and visiting our national parks. We have been to the Grand Canyon, Zion, Montezuma Castle, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Great Smokey Mountain National Parks and look forward to visiting more. We have tent camped at most of these parks.

Along with our love of nature we have also both taken to photography. These are two things that fit well together, as hiking through the national parks gives one many unique subjects to work with. I’m very much an amateur when it comes to the camera but I’ve enjoyed learning the art.

Among other things I also enjoy being active in my church where I am an ordained minister serving in the office of Priest. I volunteer my technical skills to my church as their IT Director and facilitate such activities as live video streaming of Sunday services as well as filling the role of Technical Director for other video productions.

I spent many of my teenage years in the Boy Scouts of America where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout. I currently am not actively involved in the program, but have spent several years giving back in a local troop.