Kansas City Developers Conference 2015 Recap

A 2 minute read, Posted on Thu, Sep 3, 2015 In Speaking
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In preparation for my fall conference lineup I thought I would take a minute to reflect on this year’s Kansas City Developers Conference. Once again, I am impressed with the quality of conference that the KCDC crew puts together. Kudos go to Boone, Jon, and Lee for nurturing a small weekend event into what is, today, one of the top conferences in the Midwest for developers (of any discipline). I’ve had the opportunity to go to some of the “BIG” (and expensive) developer conferences out there and experience what they feel like, and to me KCDC has that same polished feel of conferences that cost 10x as much to attend. It is great to be able to attend a developer conference of that caliber without ever leaving town.


I’ve enjoyed every year that I’ve attended KCDC, but this year was my first time as a speaker and it was the best conference experience to date. As a speaker, it felt like a huge success. The workshop that Brent and I provided was well attended, and pretty much went exactly as expected. We had some hiccups related to WiFi issues with internet dependencies we couldn’t get around, but we were prepared for the parts we could manage. It was a great feeling working with each of them and sharing our knowledge and experience.


My Xamarin.Forms session was packed. It is a good feeling to have a full room. Beyond that, I didn’t have any strange issues with the android emulator failing, or devices not being recognized, or un-noticed typos in the code the stopped the demo. So, clearly it is time to stop doing the talk and find a new one. Smile Throughout the conference I was thanked by several attendees for both the workshop and the session. It was great to talk with them about the projects they were planning to take on with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms.

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