Diving the Bay Island of Guanaja, Honduras (Part 4 - Lodging)

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This is part 4 in a series on scuba travel and our trip to Honduras.

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The Villa

You can read my review of the Villa over on TripAdvisor. To summarize, the place is amazing! As I mentioned, it sit atop Dunbar Rock, a massive rock structure protruding from the bay waters. The Villa itself is quite large and the main living spaces are about 3 flights of stairs up from the dock. There is also a ramp the rises around 3 sides of the rock to allow handicap access and a give a nice covered area to stroll and view of the ocean waters all around you. The Villa is staffed with very pleasant and professional staff, but by the time we left they felt more like family than just our staff. We laughed and had fun together, and all the while they were taking care of our every need. The food and Chef Manuel were excellent.

The views from the balconies were fantastic. The sunrises (if you could get up that early after a day of diving) were over the open ocean and were gorgeous and the sunsets over Bonacca Town and the Southern tip of Guanaja were absolutely beautiful. But the real view from the balconies was at night when the sky came alive with more stars than I’ve ever seen with my naked eye. The light pollution is so low from the island that once the pool and bar lights at the Villa are turned off you are met with a brilliant view of the Milky Way, and so many stars it can be hard to find the constellations among them. If you have clouds early in the night, it seemed that you just had to wait about 30 minutes and they would clear back up (as long as it wasn’t a storm system, at least). My only regret was that my tripod didn’t get packed (BIG mistake, but I made due).

The internet is not fantastic (hey, you are on a tiny island in Honduras) but usable and will let you update Facebook with your precious photos to taunt your facebook friends and let them know just how awesome your vacation is. It’s why we go, isn’t it?

Next time I'll take a look at the amazing diving in Guanaja

If you are interested in my photos or videos from the trip take a look at Flickr and YouTube.

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