Diving the Bay Island of Guanaja, Honduras (Part 3 - On the Road)

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This is part 3 in a series on scuba travel and our trip to Honduras.

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We were traveling from cold weather to warm weather, so we planned ahead and packed shorts in our carry-on so that while we stopped for a layover in Atlanta we could change out of our warmer weather pants. This worked out really well and I recommend this to anyone traveling under similar conditions. I’m a tall (and big) guy, so we upgraded our seats to the comfort+ (or whatever they called it) package so my knees wouldn’t be shoved in the back of a seat for 2-3 hours at a time. As a tall guy, it was totally worth it. It’s just too bad that doesn’t do anything for the width of the seat… I still felt a little packed in, but my budget is far from getting first class tickets. The most interesting part of our travels was between Roatan and Guanaja. Landing in Roatan and going through customs wasn’t bad. It took a while for the line to move, but we spent more time waiting on luggage then going through customs. Eventually we got our bags and headed over to check in for our puddle-jumper flight over to Guanaja. So we got to the “terminal” grabbed some food and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. I think we finally boarded about a half hour after our posted flight departure time. The ride over was fun, in a a little ~20 seater and took about 20 minutes from tarmac to “tarmac.” The little airport at Guanaja was part of the charm of the trip and as a first time small island visitor, it looked just like it is depicted in all the movies, barely there. The airport was actually a nice little building and was even air-conditioned (important for the return trip).

We were greeted by staff from Dunbar and once all our luggage was brought up we were taken out of the airport to the dock and onto their boat, where we met Denis (the GM at Dunbar, and our guide) and were served cold drinks as we waited for our luggage to be loaded. Just before all our luggage was loaded we met the Mayor of Guanaja as he was walking down the dock to his boat. He greeted us to the island and talked with us for a couple minutes. Then it was off to the Villa. There is something very exciting about being taken to your lodging on a boat. And it was even more exciting once we actually saw the Villa sitting atop Dunbar Rock, which happily jutted up out of the sea. The Villa is massive, and quite an impressive view from the boat.

Next time let's take a look at the Villa and lodging

If you are interested in my photos or videos from the trip take a look at Flickr and YouTube.

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