Bringing Sight to the Blind (Seeing AI)

A 1 minute read, Posted on Thu, Mar 31, 2016 In Technology
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Perhaps the coolest (and definitely the most heartwarming) announcement at Build today was project Seeing AI. A project spearheaded by Saqib Shaikh, a blind software engineer at Microsoft. This project will enable the blind to “hear” what they are looking at with voice descriptions of the scene in front of them and to be read text (like a menu). This project is a collaboration between Microsoft and Pivothead and will run on both smartphones and the Pivothead smart glasses.

It is truly inspiring to see innovations in technology that clearly benefit society and human beings. It has inspired me to think about the technology I create and to do something more than just saving some business money, rather to be open and look for ways to improve the human experience. Take a minute to watch the video, it less than 3 minutes long and is an easy watch.

The Video


Project Seeing AI

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