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With a new and busy business it is easy to lose track of the little things that need to be done when you are spending every usable minute on billable tasks. This is the challenge we found ourselves faced with a few months into operating Alien Arc.

Enter Aglie

We started a Trello board back when we started the business to track tasks like getting our insurance setup and creating a logo. But when we got done with many of those we stopped using the board and focused on making money. Recently we decided that we needed to start making progress on other business goals and we did three things:

  1. We took time to set 1 yr, 5yr, and long term goals.
  2. We started putting our 1 year goals into our Trello board as manageable tasks that could be done in about a week
  3. We started having weekly early morning breakfast meetings to report to each other what has been done and what new things we discovered and to prioritize and pick things to do for the next week.

We are only a few weeks in now, but it has really helped to keep on top of these tasks and make progress. Even if it is a small task, marking it off feels good and encourages me to work on the next one.

Taking a look at this after the fact I realized that, without really thinking about it, we had a basic weekly sprint going for business operations. We even had a retrospective and sprint planning meeting. In fact, we regularly use the daily drive to and/or from out client to talk about any issues we have giving us our scrum sessions.

It is encouraging to see how universal some principals are and how we can use something already being practiced in one part of our business to

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