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Strange Keyboard Layout on Windows 10 Mobile & Lumia 950XL

27. July 2016
I recently encountered a strange issue with the layout of the keyboard on my Lumia 950XL. This happened after a one of the recent OS updates and it took me a little while researching to figure it out. The issue was that my keyboard was all squashed to the left, instead of taking up the full width of the phone. In addition to that the cursor point was on the right hand side of the keyboard. [More]

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Microsoft Build 2016

27. April 2016
I hate it when I find a blog post draft that I forgot to post for *weeks*, it’s a little late, but here are some of my impressions from Microsoft’s Build conference this year. This year's build was pretty exciting for .NET developers. With strong progress around the Windows platform and major announcements in the mobile developer space. Build was an fun experience and I was able to both reconnect with friends I've made on the conference circuit and meet a lot of new faces. Here are some of my r... [More]

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The Return of Visual Voicemail to the Lumia 950 XL (Dual Sim)

18. April 2016
For those that purchased an unlocked Lumia 950 XL from Microsoft in the last few months and have been frustrated at the lack of Visual Voice (that’s everyone who bought one) you can rejoice. Last week I had sketchy WiFi access so I just discovered that I had an update available last night. When I went to take a look at the change log I discovered this little gem: Support for Visual Voicemail on Dual SIM phones It sounds like this has been available in the Windows Insiders build for a litt... [More]

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Bringing Sight to the Blind (Seeing AI)

31. March 2016
Perhaps the coolest (and definitely the most heartwarming) announcement at Build today was project Seeing AI. A project spearheaded by Saqib Shaikh, a blind software engineer at Microsoft. [More]

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Generating Authenticator QR Codes

18. March 2016
I’ve taken to saving my Authenticator secrets so that I can recover from a lost, damaged or replaced phone with less pain. After actually replacing a phone and having to re-enter all my codes I decided there was a better way then pecking on the phone’s keyboard one letter at a time. I thought that they deliver them to me as a QR code I can scan in the first place, surely I can generate my own to speed up the process. [More]

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Installing Chocolatey behind a corporate proxy

22. January 2016
Recently I was working at a project at a new client and needed to add some tools to my development machine. So I turned to one of my favorite tools for getting the apps and tools I need, Chocolatey. The only problem was that I was getting an error installing Chocolatey using the command on their website. Exception calling "DownloadString" with "1" argument(s): "The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required."At line:1 char:47+ iex ((new-ob... [More]

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I Can Has Pen Input? (or, My first moments with a Surface Pro)

9. February 2013
I just picked up my Surface Pro from my local Microsoft Store this morning. I’m no stranger to Windows 8; I’ve been using it on my desktop since RTM (and a little before) and I bought the RT back on launch day. In general I like the changes that have been made and no longer feel at home on Windows 7. I have especially been digging the way the interface was built around touch with my RT, I think that has helped me accept some of the changes experienced with mouse and keyboard only inp... [More]

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