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Bluff v1.1 hot off the presses

26. March 2016
I had a little time today to work on Bluff, my extension for Sony Vegas Pro. Over the last couple weeks I’ve done several things to the project, including: Converting the project to .NET 3.5 (from 2.0) Converting the UI to WPF (still a little cleanup to do on that UI, but it is a lot easier to work with now) Add a new command called Arrange Events By Created Timestamp that spaces the events out on the timeline relative to each others created timestamp Changed the Vegas DLL refere... [More]

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Xamarin Build Errors: Please Install Package Xamarin.Android.Support.v4

16. March 2016
I was out of active Xamarin development for a couple months and recently wanted to jump back in and work on a couple new project ideas. I fired up VS2015 and created a project. It was then that I realized I had not installed the official Xamarin tools since I got my new Surface Book. So I decided it was a good idea to install that latest Xamarin Tools before I did anything else. [More]

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Bluff: An OSS Extension for Sony Vegas Pro

9. March 2016
Yesterday, my business Alien Arc Technologies, LLC announced the release of version 1 of an open source project I’ve been tinkering on recently, called Bluff. This is my first OSS project and I’m excited to have created something that I hope others will find useful, and better yet, will contribute their own ideas to. [More]

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Xamarin Forms Windows Phone Deployment Tip #1

17. March 2015
Here is a helpful tip if you are developing a mobile app using Xamarin Forms and targeting Windows Phone 8.0 (or if you are just writing a WP8.0 Silverlight based app) and trying to figure out where the Package.appxmanifest.xml file is located. [More]

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Getting your brand’s Twitter timeline in your mobile app

3. March 2015
I’m working on a demo app to show some simple functionality that can be done with Xamarin Forms. I’m using the opportunity to also make a business card app for myself (and ultimately for Alien Arc). The app has my picture, name, short bio, and other relevant information. This also seemed like a good place to tie in some of my various social network feeds. I quickly added a page that pulls my blog RSS feed and lists my recent posts. That went really quick and next on my list was to load my twitte... [More]

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Why doesn’t my code work in Xamarin.Forms?

10. November 2014
If you have tried something in Xamarin.Forms that should work but didn’t, don’t worry you might not be going crazy (I can’t say for sure, I’m a programmer, not a psychologist). [More]

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Processing collections with LINQ using the Aggregate extension method

14. September 2011
Everyone knows one of the easiest ways to process collections of objects is using foreach, it is much more elegant and less error prone (IMHO) than using a for (int x..) and looping by index. However, sometimes you get forced into using the indexer to process a collection. This usually happens when you need to look at the current object in context of the previous. [More]

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Attaching to external DirectShow graphs using Graph Edit

14. September 2011
In my day job I work on a product that does a lot of video work and in fact has a custom DirectShow player that gets all our video into WPF.  It plays multiple files all synchronized (a real challenge). While looking into ways to improve performance I found myself needing to see how my filter graph was being built.  I did a little looking and found that creating an instance of DsROTEntry with a reference to the graph makes it available for external viewing. The code is really quite si... [More]

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