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Diving in Bonaire - 2016

29. July 2016
I decided to take a few minutes and reflect on my recent trip to Bonaire and share some accomplishments and observations. [More]

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Bluff v1.1 hot off the presses

26. March 2016
I had a little time today to work on Bluff, my extension for Sony Vegas Pro. Over the last couple weeks I’ve done several things to the project, including: Converting the project to .NET 3.5 (from 2.0) Converting the UI to WPF (still a little cleanup to do on that UI, but it is a lot easier to work with now) Add a new command called Arrange Events By Created Timestamp that spaces the events out on the timeline relative to each others created timestamp Changed the Vegas DLL refere... [More]

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Merging GoPro Segments Into a Single File

24. March 2016
If you have ever done a long recording with your GoPro you know that you will end up with several ~4 [More]

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Bluff: An OSS Extension for Sony Vegas Pro

9. March 2016
Yesterday, my business Alien Arc Technologies, LLC announced the release of version 1 of an open source project I’ve been tinkering on recently, called Bluff. This is my first OSS project and I’m excited to have created something that I hope others will find useful, and better yet, will contribute their own ideas to. [More]

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