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Nebraska.Code() 2016

23. May 2016
Another Nebraska.Code() is in the books and it was a real blast. The organizers, Adam & Ken, really put in the effort and run a great conference. The other speakers are always quality company and I really enjoyed meeting a few new ones and getting to know some much better. One of the things I enjoy about conference is the circle of friends you make and meet across the country as you travel to this conference and that conference. We had lots of deep, and many more entertaining conversations. ... [More]

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Xamarin Build Errors: Please Install Package Xamarin.Android.Support.v4

16. March 2016
I was out of active Xamarin development for a couple months and recently wanted to jump back in and work on a couple new project ideas. I fired up VS2015 and created a project. It was then that I realized I had not installed the official Xamarin tools since I got my new Surface Book. So I decided it was a good idea to install that latest Xamarin Tools before I did anything else. [More]

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Kansas City Developers Conference 2015 Recap

3. September 2015
In preparation for my fall conference lineup I thought I would take a minute to reflect on this year’s Kansas City Developers Conference. Once again, I am impressed with the quality of conference that the KCDC crew puts together. Kudos go to Boone, Jon, and Lee for nurturing a small weekend event into what is, today, one of the top conferences in the Midwest for developers (of any discipline). I’ve had the opportunity to go to some of the “BIG” (and expensive) developer conferences out there and... [More]

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KCDC 2015 Sessions

16. June 2015
KCDC is just a week away and I'm busy updating my materials. I'm looking forward to meeting some great developers and catching up with what is quickly becoming a close group of speaker friends. [More]

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Interview with STL Tech Talk at STLDODN 2014

2. April 2015
Back in November 2014 at the St. Louis Days of .NET conference I sat down with JJ Hammond from STL Tech Talk for an interview. It was a lot of fun and I had a great time talking about Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, and mobile development for the C# developer. It got lost somewhere among all the other interview videos, but thanks to Kevin and JJ it is was found and is now posted for your viewing pleasure. This was recorded November 14, 2014 just a couple days after Microsoft made its announcement abou... [More]

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Nebraska.Code() 2015 Retrospect

27. March 2015
It was a pleasure to attend and speak at Nebraska.Code() this year. The guys in Lincoln are great and really put on a good conference. One of the neat parts of being a speaker is getting to know a lot of other great speakers as you go from one conference to another together. I've found that as soon as one conference is over I'm looking forward to the next one and the chance to hang out with the gang. [More]

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Xamarin Forms Windows Phone Deployment Tip #1

17. March 2015
Here is a helpful tip if you are developing a mobile app using Xamarin Forms and targeting Windows Phone 8.0 (or if you are just writing a WP8.0 Silverlight based app) and trying to figure out where the Package.appxmanifest.xml file is located. [More]

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Lessons Learned from My First Speaking Experience

20. November 2014
First off, speaking is a rush. It is hard to describe the feeling just after completing a talk. I had to move around, talk to people, see what was going on; it really energized me. I am definitely going to continue to pursue future speaking opportunities as they present themselves, and I’ll keep you posted when they get accepted. [More]

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Why doesn’t my code work in Xamarin.Forms?

10. November 2014
If you have tried something in Xamarin.Forms that should work but didn’t, don’t worry you might not be going crazy (I can’t say for sure, I’m a programmer, not a psychologist). [More]

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