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Strange Keyboard Layout on Windows 10 Mobile & Lumia 950XL

27. July 2016
I recently encountered a strange issue with the layout of the keyboard on my Lumia 950XL. This happened after a one of the recent OS updates and it took me a little while researching to figure it out. The issue was that my keyboard was all squashed to the left, instead of taking up the full width of the phone. In addition to that the cursor point was on the right hand side of the keyboard. [More]

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The Return of Visual Voicemail to the Lumia 950 XL (Dual Sim)

18. April 2016
For those that purchased an unlocked Lumia 950 XL from Microsoft in the last few months and have been frustrated at the lack of Visual Voice (that’s everyone who bought one) you can rejoice. Last week I had sketchy WiFi access so I just discovered that I had an update available last night. When I went to take a look at the change log I discovered this little gem: Support for Visual Voicemail on Dual SIM phones It sounds like this has been available in the Windows Insiders build for a litt... [More]

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Xamarin Forms Windows Phone Deployment Tip #1

17. March 2015
Here is a helpful tip if you are developing a mobile app using Xamarin Forms and targeting Windows Phone 8.0 (or if you are just writing a WP8.0 Silverlight based app) and trying to figure out where the Package.appxmanifest.xml file is located. [More]

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