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Microsoft Build 2016

27. April 2016
I hate it when I find a blog post draft that I forgot to post for *weeks*, it’s a little late, but here are some of my impressions from Microsoft’s Build conference this year. This year's build was pretty exciting for .NET developers. With strong progress around the Windows platform and major announcements in the mobile developer space. Build was an fun experience and I was able to both reconnect with friends I've made on the conference circuit and meet a lot of new faces. Here are some of my r... [More]

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Bringing Sight to the Blind (Seeing AI)

31. March 2016
Perhaps the coolest (and definitely the most heartwarming) announcement at Build today was project Seeing AI. A project spearheaded by Saqib Shaikh, a blind software engineer at Microsoft. [More]

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Generating Authenticator QR Codes

18. March 2016
I’ve taken to saving my Authenticator secrets so that I can recover from a lost, damaged or replaced phone with less pain. After actually replacing a phone and having to re-enter all my codes I decided there was a better way then pecking on the phone’s keyboard one letter at a time. I thought that they deliver them to me as a QR code I can scan in the first place, surely I can generate my own to speed up the process. [More]

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SkillsUSA Coding Competition

9. February 2015
On Saturday I had an opportunity to be involved in a SkillsUSA district competition as a judge for the coding competition. I was really impressed with the skill that some of these students (all with less than a year of experience) had. The quality of some of the code they wrote really surprised me. [More]

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