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Nebraska.Code() 2016

23. May 2016
Another Nebraska.Code() is in the books and it was a real blast. The organizers, Adam & Ken, really put in the effort and run a great conference. The other speakers are always quality company and I really enjoyed meeting a few new ones and getting to know some much better. One of the things I enjoy about conference is the circle of friends you make and meet across the country as you travel to this conference and that conference. We had lots of deep, and many more entertaining conversations. ... [More]

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Microsoft Build 2016

27. April 2016
I hate it when I find a blog post draft that I forgot to post for *weeks*, it’s a little late, but here are some of my impressions from Microsoft’s Build conference this year. This year's build was pretty exciting for .NET developers. With strong progress around the Windows platform and major announcements in the mobile developer space. Build was an fun experience and I was able to both reconnect with friends I've made on the conference circuit and meet a lot of new faces. Here are some of my r... [More]

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Bluff v1.1 hot off the presses

26. March 2016
I had a little time today to work on Bluff, my extension for Sony Vegas Pro. Over the last couple weeks I’ve done several things to the project, including: Converting the project to .NET 3.5 (from 2.0) Converting the UI to WPF (still a little cleanup to do on that UI, but it is a lot easier to work with now) Add a new command called Arrange Events By Created Timestamp that spaces the events out on the timeline relative to each others created timestamp Changed the Vegas DLL refere... [More]

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Bluff: An OSS Extension for Sony Vegas Pro

9. March 2016
Yesterday, my business Alien Arc Technologies, LLC announced the release of version 1 of an open source project I’ve been tinkering on recently, called Bluff. This is my first OSS project and I’m excited to have created something that I hope others will find useful, and better yet, will contribute their own ideas to. [More]

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