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Agile Operations

21. October 2014
With a new and busy business it is easy to lose track of the little things that need to be done when you are spending every usable minute on billable tasks. This is the challenge we found ourselves faced with a few months into operating Alien Arc. [More]

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Jumping Headfirst Into My First Speaking Engagement

26. September 2014
I’ve been wanting to start speaking at conferences for a while now, but have always been nervous about it. I’ve really wanted to do this for a long time but I specifically remember in 2013 I went to KCDC and was all energized about sharing as a speaker. I decided that I was going to work on having a presentation for the next year. When KCDC 2014 was announced earlier this year I realized I hadn’t even thought about a topic since the week after last years conference. I was a little bummed by my lack of effort, to say the least. This was all happening about the time that I was seriously thinking about going out on my own. While I wasn’t prepared to talk at KCDC I knew that I still really wanted to make it happen. Fast forward to May when Brent and I started working through our new company on our first contract. With the change from employee to business co-founder I knew that it now meant even more to me and my business to be involved. Right after this I met some great speakers at KCDC... [More]

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I Can Has Pen Input? (or, My first moments with a Surface Pro)

9. February 2013
I just picked up my Surface Pro from my local Microsoft Store this morning. I’m no stranger to Windows 8; I’ve been using it on my desktop since RTM (and a little before) and I bought the RT back on launch day. In general I like the changes that have been made and no longer feel at home on Windows 7. I have especially been digging the way the interface was built around touch with my RT, I think that has helped me accept some of the changes experienced with mouse and keyboard only input. I’ve recently discovered the convenience that is OneNote for all my meeting and personal notes. I had seen OneNote but never really tried it until I had my RT. Being able to take quick notes on my Surface in a meeting or on the go and then review or edit them on my desktop is awesome. The only thing I’ve really been missing is the ability to have useful pen input. I’ve tried capacitive touch pens in the past (I bought an iPad with a Pogo pen thinking I finally had a digita... [More]

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Processing collections with LINQ using the Aggregate extension method

14. September 2011
Everyone knows one of the easiest ways to process collections of objects is using foreach, it is much more elegant and less error prone (IMHO) than using a for (int x..) and looping by index. However, sometimes you get forced into using the indexer to process a collection. This usually happens when you need to look at the current object in context of the previous. [More]

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Attaching to external DirectShow graphs using Graph Edit

14. September 2011
In my day job I work on a product that does a lot of video work and in fact has a custom DirectShow player that gets all our video into WPF.  It plays multiple files all synchronized (a real challenge). While looking into ways to improve performance I found myself needing to see how my filter graph was being built.  I did a little looking and found that creating an instance of DsROTEntry with a reference to the graph makes it available for external viewing. The code is really quite simple: RotEntry = new DsROTEntry(graph); This was all the samples said you needed to do. However, after adding this line the graph still would not be listed in Graph Edit when attempting to connect to a remote graph. I tried all sorts of things (double-checking the app was running 32-bit, etc) to no avail. After a little digging and research I discovered that there is one additional step; you must register a dll supplied with the windows SDK. The file is proppage.dll and should be in the bin d... [More]

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