Duane Newman

Coder - Speaker - Microsoft MVP - Scuba Instructor

I’m a geek and I love sharing about the technologies that excite me. I do this through speaking at conferences, user groups, and other local events, organizing the Kansas City .NET User Group, providing technical training, writing on my blog, and sometimes on other outlets like Twitter, GitHub, Instagram, and YouTube. I’m honored to have my community involvement recognized by Microsoft with their MVP Award.

I don’t just geek out over software development. I also teach SCUBA diving as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. If you are interested in discovering the underwater world through SCUBA I’d love to talk. You can learn more at Duane & Lisa's Diving Adventures.

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Keeping Observable Collections Up To Date

One of the powerful capabilities we’ve learned to leverage when using the MVVM pattern for XAML based apps, whether for the desktop or mobile platforms, is data binding. Binding allows us to easily keep our View up to date with changes in the ViewModel. These bindings are typically pretty quick when not abused, but there are situations where they can become less than performant, causing visual anomalies such as flickering or even impacting general app performance.