Duane Newman

Coder - Speaker - Microsoft MVP - Scuba Instructor

I’m a geek and I love sharing about the technologies that excite me. I do this through speaking at conferences, user groups, and other local events, organizing the Kansas City .NET User Group, providing technical training, writing on my blog, and sometimes on other outlets like Twitter, Github, Instagram, and YouTube.

I don’t just geek out over software development. I also teach SCUBA diving as a PADI certified Assistant Instructor. If you are interested in discovering the underwater world through SCUBA I’d love to talk. You can learn more at Duane & Lisa’s Diving Adventures.

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Teach an old Type new tricks with Extension Methods

Extension methods are a great way to add functionality or integration for established types. Learn about some of the cool things that you can do without the need to subclass or modify a class directly. You can even use extension methods to supply specialized functionality that is only relevant in a particular situation or when also making use of another type or library. We’ll take a look at a few quick tricks and explore how you can get started with Extension Methods today.